Chi siamo


Since its foundation, Ugolini design has offered an exclusive service to the customers: combination of all the services needed from the first idea to the production of a product.

Our capabilities and our structure give us the possibility to develop autonomously very complicated products too, providing a complete outsourcing service to our partners.

Research, Concept, design, 3D Engineering, Rapid Prototyping are the basic services, but today they are not enough.

Only a deep analysis of the needs of the users and the market situation can provide the information to develop new and successful ideas. With this concept very clear in our minds we have increased the services available, providing strategic consultancy to define the market scenario where the product will be sold, and providing a "development vision" of itself.

"We don’t provide marketing made by numbers, but we analyse strategies, vision, concept, made by who will create and develop the products, to guarantee absolute continuity".



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